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Holiday Fundraiser Idea

The Foundation has kick started a Holiday Fundraiser where proceeds are earmarked for approved purposes and for use by the enrolled Studio raising the funds.

candy-cane-ornamentCertainly, you can come up with your own fundraising ideas as well, but we are providing a ready-to-use template and calling this the “Candy Cane Action Figure” craft ornament sale.

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to raise funds for a worthy cause than to have your tots / kids sell a Soo Bahk Do® action figure cutout attached to a candy cane that can be hung!

The figures can be decorated by youngsters and then offered for sale. Who can resist the cuteness of a little girl/boy raising funds for a good cause!

Proceeds can be earmarked for your Studio Account for tuition assistance or other Foundation approved charitable causes that help promote Soo Bahk Do®

Please refer to the fundraiser packet with letter and figure templates you can use for your students to cutout.

The only thing you need to get started is to enroll and then get some candy canes from your favorite store.

Thank you!

Frank Tsai

Download (PDF, 1.58MB)

Are You Doing It Wrong?

The USA Technical Advisory Committee publishes a vast library of informative technical videos on the Soo Bahk Do® Institute to support your training and learning experience under the guidance of  your Moo Duk Kwan® Certified Instructor.

In this video red Belts and Dans will gain insights into the timing and sequencing that is appropriate for Yuk Ro hyung 1 Du Mun.

The slow motion playback feature of the Institute allows you to carefully inspect all movements for precise understanding of the techniques and you can even post questions for the TAC in the comment section under any video and receive a response to your inquiry.


Foundation Now Accepting Restricted Donations

Fundraising_Dual_600x600The Foundation Board has developed and approved a fundraising and grant awarding process which provides a means for Studio Owners to raise restricted use funds through the Foundation.

Upon your enrollment and the Foundation’s approval of your application, then you can begin conducting fundraising activities for specific causes and purposes that are important to you and which are compliant with Foundation’s chartered purposes and guidelines.

  • Your donors benefit by receiving a tax deduction for their donation to the Foundation.
  • You benefit because your fundraising proceeds are accepted by the Foundation as restricted use funds which means they will be allocated via grants for the purposes and causes for which they were raised by you.
    • Foundation grants may be awarded for, but not limited to:
      • Federation membership dues for qualified applicants
      • Tuition for students with financial need at certified studios
      • Participation fees for qualified applicants to attend Federation events
      • support for at risk youth programs
      • support for special needs programs
      • support for other Foundation approved causes including Federation supportive activities, community services or charitable causes that support the public awareness of, understanding or and practice of the Soo Bahk Do® martial art system
  • The Foundation operates very efficiently with volunteer Board Directors and support from other sources so that only 10% of donations is required for overhead and 90% of all donations go directly to the purpose or cause.

sign-up-button-on-laptop-shows-website-registration_GkArLNDOThe Foundation board invites you to enroll now and seize this exciting opportunity.

You can enroll quickly and easily by sending an email to board@soobahkdofoundation.org

You will receive an email with a link to an electronic version of the document that you can review and sign online.

The Foundation Chairman, Frank Tsai Sa Bom Nim, has arranged complimentary use of the DocuSign online document signing service to help keep costs low and make this a paperless process.

However, if you do not have email or you prefer to sign a paper document rather than using the DocuSign online service, please advise the Foundation Board in your email and they will seek to accommodate you.

Any questions or clarifications about this exciting new program can also be directed to board@soobahkdofoundation.org

Enroll Now

National Studio Owner Teleconference

The Technical Advisory Committee invites you to participate in a 45 to 60 minute National Studio Owner Teleconference  Wednesday December 3rd at 9:00 PM EST.
Important information from the TAC and Board may be shared during this call and your attendance will be appreciated.
TAC and Board representatives will be available to you during this call.
questions-or-answers-directions-on-a-signpost_fJMxZSP_If you have any specific questions you would like to have answered by the TAC or Board during the call, please submit your question IN ADVANCE via email to headquarters@soobahkdo.com, so your officials can prepare a response.
Check your email for the dial in information and passcode.
If you have not received the recent mailing to Moo Duk Kwan® Alumni, please email headquarters@soobahkdo.com so we can send it to you.
Happy Holidays From Region 2 Members!
We wish for you and your family to have a wonderful holiday season.